WARETRAC: Why? Where? How?

Automating and optimizing your warehouse operations is no easy task. WARETRAC is an advanced AI Vision tool for the warehouse environment. Our solution includes some of the most innovative features in the industry today and it is optimized for high-volume fulfillment centers, 3PL companies and cross-dock facilities.

It helps organizations from the moment a package is received at your warehouse till it is dispatched. It provides real-time visibility to your inbound (receiving to put-away) and outbound (pick & pack to shipment) processes.

Our Solutions

Real-time Visibility

  • Real-time tracking of Warehouse Areas
  • Alerts on Dock Door Availability, Truck Arrival & Departure
  • Indicate available storage areas

Dynamic Product Storage

  • Cart/Pallet tracking
  • Live Camera View of the Floor
  • Guided Put Away for storing carts/pallets

FIFO Pickup

  • Guided Pickup for locating Pallets with items based on FIFO rules


  • Real-time visibility into available spaces for Put Away planning
  • Automatic capture of Put Away locations for tracking pallets
  • Reduce Manual tasks and errors
  • Minimize Inventory Spoilage
  • Reduce Operational Delays
  • Enhance Productivity

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